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Course Project


To create a platform for cross-cultural cooking
Duration: 2023.3 - 2023.5 (2 Months but redesign the visuals in few days later) 
My role: I was the visual and interaction designer for this project.
Technologies: Figma
Finish the completed flow and main features of the app. Presented it at several places.


A grocery chain wants to create a platform that will enable its customers to plan, shop for
cooking supplies and share the experience of cross-cultural meals with friends and family who
gather in person or remotely.

Scenarios to design for:

Arranging a party/potluck

College Reunion across geographies

Making Family recipes

User Research

Since this is a very short course, I tried to find methods that don’t need a lot of time to prepare, balancing attitudinal and behavior, generative and evaluation. Methods that I choose include field studies, user interviews, and online data gathering.

Key insights from user research:
There is a fair market of foreigners in the United States (13.6 % in 2021).
People like to attend the Potluck if there is a host. However, sometimes the rules and expectation is not clear.
For people don’t like Potluck, one reason is because of it requires too much work shopping for ingredients and preparing for the food.

Customer problems

I am a international student who have been staying in United States for 4 days and who loves to cook.
I am trying to make friends from people in different background through potlucks and food gatherings.
But I am not able to find a great approach to start an event
Because it is hard to find other people’s availability, find a event location and decide what to bring to the potluck so that the food is both unique and fit my preferences
which makes me feel confused and not sure how to attend or host a potluck with other food fans.


Create an end-to-end experience for people to host an event, invite people to join an event and have options to purchase the ingredient.
Consider both the host experience and participants experience.
Narrow down the target group into young generations multi-regional people in the US

image 21.png

App Design

Purpose: Create an app to help people organize potluck events/food gathering events and provide a more convenient way to purchase the ingredient.
Platform: Mobile app, because it is easy to check status on the way to potluck events.
Target Users: multi-national people who want to do potluck with their friends (hosts and participants)

MVP screen flow
1. host creates an event
2. host sends the invite to other participants
3. other participants accept or refuse the invite
4. host and participants pick food to cook and order ingredient along the way
5. homepage (skipped)

Design Principles
1. Easy to use - less screen navigation
2. Consistent - same color scheme/pattern/button styles in the whole design
3. Clear hierarchy - highlight the most important information
4. Clear indication - include empty state if there is no data included

Host Create an event

Host Invites People

Frame 6900.png

Host Invites People

Pick a Dish

Frame 6902.png
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