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"Be yourself so that the people looking for you can find you.” ― Arlan Hamilton

Nice to meet you!

Hi there👋, and happy 2023! My name is Shirley, currently doing my master's degree in Software Management at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Campus. This is my fourth year living in the Bay Area, California. Before that, I lived in beautiful San Diego where I finished my undergraduate degree at UCSD. I am passionate about combining design and technology, and never stop to explore more in this interdisciplinary area! In my free time, I love to explore nature and try new things - just to enjoy being myself. :)

Here are the top 3 on my 2023 bucket lists:
1. Continue to learn figure skating and land my first jump on ice (Done). 
2. As a side project, finish my skater availability web-app and advertise it to Bay Area skaters (In Progress).
3. Relax in Alaska for a weeks and go see the Northern Lights (Done). 

I hope you stay healthy and be well. Please reach out if you want to say hi! :)

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