"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” ― Estee Lauder

Nice to meet you!

Hi there👋, and happy new year! My name is Shirley. This is my third year living in the Bay Area, California. Before that, I lived in beautiful San Diego where I finished my undergraduate degree at UCSD.  I am passionate about combining design and technology and never stop to explore more in the area! In my free time, I love to explore nature and try new things - just to enjoy being myself. :)

Here are the top 3 on my 2022 bucket lists:
1. Enroll in an ice-skating adult lesson and learn how to spin on the ice
(In Progress)
2. As a side project, finish my MacOS eye protection app and publish it to Apple Store
(In Progress).
3. Relax in Hawaii for 2 weeks and go snorkeling

I hope you stay healthy and be well. Please reach out if you want to say hi! :)