User Experience

Front-End Design

Visual Design

Interaction Design



36 hours


Flutter.io, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Adobe XD, Photoshop, DocuSign API


We demoed the project during SD Hacks and won priases from peers and judges. 


When one person orally starts a promise between two people, he or she will likely forget about it in the future. There might need a way to formalize a promise in a fast and intuitive way. By introducing "TrustMe," our team aims to help you and your friends make solid agreements. From small bets to year-long commitments, we help you formalize any promise quickly with our intuitive mobile platform. You can immediately draft your agreements, share your promises, and finalize your commitments with our signing service.

Furthermore, because your agreements are public to the community and your network, you have the ability to use this mobile accountability platform as proof of trustworthiness, and refer to it to your banks and employers. 

The GitHub repo is here

Design Process

This hachathon project consists of three parts: 

  • Request to DocuSign API for signature handling

  • Flutter.io frontend

  • Node.js API hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Major Contributions

  1. Implement DocuSign API for signature handling and  Google Firebase for data storage. 

  2. Apply Flutter.io, a cross-platform programming software, to program the app structure and front-end design.

  3. Focus on visual communication and app interface schema, using Adobe XD, Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI.

Initial Version

(During Hackathon)

A Side Story

In 2018, I attended SD Hacks the first time, which has been one of the largest hackathons in California. As a designer and technology enthusiast, it was such an unforgettable 36 hours of collaboration and innovations working with other talented people. Fortunately, I also met some of my best friends from this hackathon. 


From my past internship experience, I deeply understand the friction for designers and engineers to collaborate smoothly. Therefore, I hope more people – both engineers and designers, have an equal chance to join this friendly community and build stronger collaborations. With that in mind, In the following year, I applied to become an organizer for SD Hacks 2019, aiming to create the best experience for hackers: I planned for a pre-event social for team forming, with over 50 people attending. I also volunteered as a hackathon judge and prepared winners’ prizes. The hackathon was a huge success with over 800 participants, and everyone had a great time, regardless of their majors. 

sdhacks 2018

Teammates at SD Hacks 2018


experience Organizer for SD Hacks 2019