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3 months

TECHNOLOGY, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Adobe XD, Photoshop, DocuSign API


Demoed at SD Hacks


When one person orally starts a promise between two people, it is very likely that he or she will forget about it in the future. There might need a way to formalize a promise in a fast and intuitive way. 


Our team aims to help you and your friends make good on your agreements, no matter how big. From small bets to year-long commitments, we help you formalize any promise quickly with our intuitive mobile platform. Even while on the move, immediately draft your agreements, share your promises, and finalize your commitments with our signing service.

Use Cases

We believe we can use this mobile accountability platform as proof of trustworthiness. Because your agreements are public to the community and to your network, you have the ability to show off your strength in following through with your agreements. With a strong trustworthiness score, the applications are endless with third parties. For example:

  • Networking

  • Loans

  • Renting (houses, equipment, etc)

  • Work Arrangements

Design Process

The project consisted of the parts

  • Request to DocuSign API for signature handling

  • frontend

  • Node.js API hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Major Roles

1. Implement DocuSign API for signature handling and Node.js API hosted on Google Cloud Platform

2. Apply “”, a cross-platform programming software to program the app structure and front-end design

3. Apply Adobe XD, Photoshop and SAI, focus on visual communication and app interface schema


1. This is the first app which I took a role in developing. I learned a lot about the process of creating an app.

2. Increased understanding of how API/Token work in requesting data.

3. Acquire a more realistic way to design the logic of an app 

4. Gain more experience in design thinking and the color/font/content/layout matching principles. 

Initial Version

(During Hackathon)

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