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Lemur Motion

Work Project


Lemur motion is a new way to create simple motion from Figma.  Users can draw the visual on Figma then use the lemur motion Figma plugin to transform all visuals to the lemur motion editor platform. After dragging and dropping motion effect, users can share the motion design with other coworkers.  
Duration: 2021.1 - 2021.4 (4 Months) 
My role: I was the lead design technologist to design and build the lemur motion Figma plugin, which connects the Figma design file to the Lemur Motion editor.
Technologies: JavaScript, React, Figma
Launched the Lemur Motion tool in April 2021, which supports 300+ designers and developers.


Motion designs are now everywhere in Intuit's products. They are great additions to create some dynamics between our products and customers. Currently, existing tools for motion design at Intuit are targeted at motion experts, but due to the low number of motion designers, they cannot handle all motion requests from the rest of the designers.


We introduce a tool named Lemur motion, aiming to let everyone easily ship consistent and polished motion designs. Lemur Motion provides users with a smooth experience to ship motion in products. First, designers draft a design in the Figma app. Then, they initiate the Lemur Motion Figma plugin and export their work from Figma to the Lemur Motion editor. Finally, designers are able to apply simple motion effects as their wish, export the animation code, and hand it off to engineering partners for production.

The most exciting feature of Lemur Motion is that designers can start their motion design on Figma, the design software that they are most familiar with, instead of learning another motion creating tool such as Adobe After Effects.

Screen Shot 2024-04-16 at 10.35.24 PM.png

The drag-and-drop motion creating experience is easy to understand. Designers are able to create their own motion design without the help of motion designers.  

Screen Shot 2024-04-16 at 10.40.24 PM.png
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