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Figma Plugin Designer

Figma Plugin Developer

Interface Developer



4 months


React, Figma, GSAP, Google Firebase


Launched the tool to 300+ designers and developers.


Motion designs are now everywhere in Intuit's products. They are great additions to create some dynamics between our products and customers. Currently, existing tools for motion design at Intuit are targeted at motion experts, but due to the low number of motion designers, they cannot handle all motion requests from the rest of the designers.

Solution: Lemur motion

We introduce a tool named Lemur motion, aiming to let everyone easily ship consistent and polished motion designs. Lemur Motion provides users with a smooth experience to ship motion in products. First, designers draft a design in the Figma app. Then, they initiate the Lemur Motion Figma plugin and export their work from Figma to the Lemur Motion editor. Finally, designers are able to apply simple motion effects as their wish, export the animation code, and hand it off to engineering partners for production.

In this project, I mainly focus on developing the Lemur Motion Figma plugin. Specifically, I designed the plugin on Figma and developed the plugin using typescript. Please contact me for more details. Thank you! 



Figma Plugin Development

While working on this project, It was an exciting experience to research and learn how to independently code a Figma plugin using React and Typescript. As Figma becomes increasingly popular among designers, I am ready to design and develop more Figma plugins in the future. 


In the later stage of the project, my team decided to reframe my Figma plugin as a collection of multiple plugins and invite more people to contribute to this project. During this period, I learned how to coordinate and merge progress from three different parties. 


I gained the opportunity to practice public speaking skills by facilitating the Lemur Motion working session in April 2021. I also practiced the skills to convince people about the reasonings of my designs.

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