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Marketing Landing Page


Marketing Landing Page


Interaction Prototyper

front-end development


2020.3 - 2020.5

2 months


JavaScript, React, Figma


The landing page is launched in late 2021


Intuit's QuickBooks Money team came up with a new design and planned to refresh its marketing page. Before doing that, the lead designer wanted to ensure that the website interaction works smoothly before launching the landing page to customers. 


The project unfolded smoothly, beginning with an insightful kickoff meeting where I connected with the lead designer to grasp expectations and secure essential design assets. Knowing it was a redesign, I delved into the previous code, learning from my coworkers' work for reference. After understanding the intended interaction, I embarked on revising the codebase, integrating scroll interactions using JavaScript. Simultaneously, I collaborated with the design team, refining visuals and rectifying any identified bugs.


As the project progressed, I shared a prototype of the landing page with the entire team. Subsequently, an engineer took charge of deploying the new marketing website, drawing upon and successfully implementing the code I had crafted. This culminated in the triumphant launch of the revamped marketing site by late 2021.

Final Product

Here is a video of the final interaction which was implemented into the Money by Quickbooks marketing website. 


Reusable Code
Throughout this project, I referred a lot of code from my co-worker who finished the first version of this website while adding more interactions. I also made sure that my code is readable so that other people who need to make adjustments can refer to my code. 

Work Cross-functionally
It is always a priority to make sure that every stakeholder stays on the same page. The Money by QuickBooks team didn't find an engineer to implement that until I marked this project done for a while. The engineer initially had no idea of what happened, but after reviewing my GitHub repo. He quickly referred to my code and launched the landing page. 

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