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Meet 'n Greet

Hackathon Project


To create an interactive platform for Intuit leaders to order food delivery to employees. We started this project during a team hackathon, and converted into a real project later. 
Duration: 2021.7 - 2021.11 (4 Months) 
My role: I acted as both the product designer and the developer. Specifically, I conducted user research, created the visual design and delivered the wireframe. I also coded the website
Technologies: JavaScript, React, Figma, Mongo DB
Use to order 5+ team meals for various team events. We would like this app to be potentially utilized by the whole Intuit.


Due to COVID-19, all employees at Intuit are required to work from home. As a result, all team socials are held online. However, there is no easy way to order food for each employee, because everyone has unique mailing address and food dietary restriction. It is necessary to develop a platform to make team orders under a working-from-home environment.

User Research

Since this was initially a hackathon project, we did not have a lot of time to do thorough research about the problem. However, we discussed as a team and evaluated alternative solutions. Specifically:

PMs use Google Form to collect team members' food choices and then make orders online

Pros: No reimbursement process

Cons: Time consuming, Repetitively collect the same information (address, dietary restrictions, phone numbers, etc.)

Team members order food via DoorDash/Uber eats and then submit expense forms

Pros: Flexible food choices

Cons: Complicated expense process, Extra work for team members 

Employees connect their personal Uber Eats accounts to the team Uber Eats account

Pros: No reimbursement process

Cons: The Uber cooperates account does not work all the time. Sometimes teammates are not able to make successful orders

In the end, we decide to focus on simplifying the time-consuming food ordering process for both event hosts and participants. 

Design & Prototype

In Figma, we envision our product to have two different user groups: admin and users. Specifically, admins can create events and see users' food preferences. They place orders for users and update the status in the app. Meanwhile, users can save their home addresses and delivery instruction in the app. They will see the order status update after submitting their food preference to admins.

What makes our app unique is the follows: 
1. Connect the event details and the food ordering part in the same platform. 
2. Save user information and users can easily update their home address if they move. 
3. Status update is visible to both admins and users. 

We use the following technologies to build the prototype: 
Front-end: React/SASS/JavaScript 
Database: MongoDB 
Authentication: Google Account (Intuit emails only) 

User Interview

Later on, we did two test rounds with the design technology team and got a lot of constructive feedback. From the user testing, we found the following areas of improvement: 

1. (User) There is no obvious reaction when users submit their food option requests. -> Change: Added a confirmation message

2. (User) Only saving phone numbers and home address is not enough. -> Change: Modify the app to also save dietary restriction and delivery instructions       

3. (Admin) The result page is not very intuitive. -> Change: Add a button that allows admins to download results in a spreadsheet. 

4. (Admin) It's hard to find the food which users requested for -> Change: In the User ordering page, add a required text field for users to type in the doorDash/Uber Eats link of food they request

Final Product

After iterating the app based on the user testing result, we launched the Meet 'n Eat order app in November 2022, and started to use it for bigger team events. So far, it has been used for ~30 people-sized team events and hangouts. We aimed to promote it to bigger team events at the end of 2022.

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