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Personal Project


To create a AI-powered platform to help with job seekers find their dream job.
Duration: 2024.4 (Mini case study so the duration is short) 
My role: I was the visual and interaction designer for this project.
Technologies: Figma, FigJam
Finished the main components and visuals. Plan to iterate on some details before pushing to production.


With the challenging job market and frequent layoffs, job seekers are having a really hard time finding jobs or pivot their careers. We all know that AI has been notably popular among different industry, so for the project, I want to delve into the problem of how AI can assist job hunters to secure matching jobs.  

User Research

User research consist of two parts: user interviews and competitor analysis. 

user research.png

Customer interviews result

competiter analysis.png

Competitor analysis

Customer Persona

Primary users:
End customers with age range 18 - 80, located in the United States who are currently job hunting

User needs:
1. Be the first group of people to learn about opening roles that fit their skillsets and background.
2. More accurate AI job matching score result.
3. Interview preparation
4. Build confident and celebrate small achievement.

Design decisions:
1. Realistically, this product should has both desktop and mobile version to fit various needs.
2. Why this app is unique than other apps should be very clear.

persona 2.png
persona (1) 1.png


After I understood the main customers painpoints and deeply analyze existing AI tool, the next step I did was to freely sketch some potential ideas to help me frame the best solutions.


My paper sketch

App Design

What's most unique about this app, to me, the ability to alarm users when interested companies post new roles and the convenience of bulk apply. In the meantime, users wish to find jobs that are more likely to get call-back from HR, so the recommendation engine needs to be more accurate.  

The interview preparation feature is currently in the backlog. I plan to include the feature after finalizing the first two features . 

Featured Visuals

Profile page.png

Profile page where users can edit their job preference and upload resume. The system will use the information to filter jobs and recommend matching jobs to users.

iPhone 14 Plus - 3.png

Have the option to "apply all" in one click. Since all the information is prefilled, this app can save users a lot of time manually submitting the application.

iPhone 14 Plus - 6.png

Users can confirm the action before submitting all the application at once.

iPhone 14 Plus - 8.png

Once all applications are submitted, users can check the application status in the app. They will also receive confirmation emails whether the application is successfully submitted.


Users can search for jobs and roles at the search bar. The search engine can automatically predict the input and list the company and open roles of the companies. Users can also set up job alert with specific keywords.

App notification.png

JobAssist will send alarms to users as soon as a new fit role is posted, so users can be the first first people to apply and impress the hiring managers.

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