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2 months


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Easy Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere


 Enter the Disney Imagineering Competition


This is a group project I made for the Disney Imagineering Competition in 2017-2018.


The prompt was: Choose an actual abandoned or “ghost town” from anywhere in the world and re-vitalize it! 


I worked with teammates to generate the story and concept behind our concept “New Hashima Island”, a blue-sky project which revitalizes Hashima Island in Japan by designing an amusement park on the island. In order to utilize my background in computational arts, my main duties included illustrating/revising concept art and helping with video editing.

Just as mentioned on the official website, "The name 'Imagineering' combines imagination with engineering. Building upon the legacy of Walt Disney, Imagineers bring art and science together to turn fantasy into reality and dreams into magic." I am really thankful to have had this opportunity to apply what I have learned to "Imagineer" a real-life location for this competition. 

Please watch this one minute video assisted by me! 

Brief Introduction

Off the southern coast of Japan lies Hashima Island, an abandoned coal mining facility that goes by several grim nicknames such as “Ghost Island”, “Battleship Island”, and “The Island without Green.” Now, it is reborn as New Hashima Island, a place where humanity is celebrated and shared among family and friends.

Join the experience and explore a small world made for recreation and relaxation. Visit the museum to learn about the history of the UNESCO World Heritage site, or observe some of the preserved areas on the island to get an idea of what life was like on “Ghost Island”. For families and friends, there are thrilling attractions to ride and a variety of authentic Japanese and other recreational dining options. For quieter moments, there are several areas to take a pleasant stroll or have a seat and appreciate the beautiful scenery all around. An exciting and dynamic feature enhancing your experience at New Hashima Island is Kokoro, Hashima Island’s spirit, as well as your personal companion and tour guide. Every visitor at New Hashima Island will receive a “Kokoro Smartband,” which can be used to interact with the environment in many fun and historically educational ways.

The Kokoro Smartband can also be used to pay for all goods & services on the island; you can link a credit card to the smartband or deposit money into the account at any information station. Special ‘Kokoro Connection Spots’ can be activated to provide information about the island, its history, and the many services that it provides now for all visitors. At the preserved areas of the island, activating certain Kokoro Connection Spots will unveil a 3D Hologram show that displays what life was like in 20th-century Hashima Island.

The Hashima Memorial contains the preserved ruins of a coal mining conveyor belt from this island’s past. Here, visitors can enjoy the island’s closing ceremony: a stunning firework show overlooking the ocean, which we hope provides a moment of recollection about this island’s past and present.

User Experience

Guests travel to New Hashima Island with a short ferry trip from mainland Japan, which will have an on-board preshow that presents the story of the island. They will dock at the tip of the island and have the choice to explore the island’s Japanese-inspired restored buildings and labyrinth-like alleyways, which host restaurants, various dark rides, and walk-through attractions, or to enjoy the colorful, greenery-filled boardwalk’s family rides and memorial park. Alternatively, guests can choose to skip straight to the back of the island and enjoy an assortment of thrill rides.


The island will also feature dining along the waterfront, as well as a museum towards the front of the park that shares the story of Hashima. “Kokoro” is a spirit character that lives on Hashima. Every visitor will be given magic “Kokoro smartband” that will allow them to trigger special events and interactions at “Kokoro Connection Spots” throughout the island as they further explore the island’s spirit and deep history.

As it gets dark, guests will enjoy a spectacular firework show over the water next to Memorial Park. The show will celebrate the history and rejuvenation of the island as the night comes to an end.

Island Map

Japanese Alleyway

(Illustrated by me)

Night Fireworks

(Illustrated by me)

Boardwalk and Dinning

(Partially illustrated by me)

Kokoro Smartband

Major Roles

  1. Generate the story and concept behind the “New Hashima Island”, and design the travelers' experience visiting Hashima Island.

  2. Illustrate a variety of conceptual art paintings, such as the firework, the Japanese Alleyway and the restaurant in the usage of multiple tools. 

  3. Assist with creating a one-minute video representing our final projects.


1. Communication is always the key to a group project. Never expect people to know what you are thinking of, even if you tell them again, and again, and AGAIN. 

2. Proficiency in various illustration tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Easy Tool SAI, Clip Studio, etc. 

3. Proficiency in various editing tools, such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc. 

4. More interested in working in a group of people from different backgrounds


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