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4 months


3D Printing, Solidworks, Arduino IDE, Microelectronics


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Real Problem

Hair has always been treated as one of the most annoying trash to clean in people's daily lives, especially hair on the bathroom floor----they are sticky if wet, constantly appear, and hard to broom or vacuum. There might be a solution to efficiently clean the hair on the bathroom floor with ease. 

Final Design

Are you tired of seeing hair on the bathroom floor? Do you have a hard time cleaning the hair with a vacuum or broom? Do you wish you could magically make the hair disappear? Well, we don’t have a wizard like Harry Potter to make it go away, but we do have Hairy-Botter!

Hairy-Botter is a convenient, cost-effective device to clean your bathroom for you. Instead of cleaning the hair with a heavy, expensive vacuum that won’t fit into small spaces or a broom that takes a long time to sweep up the hair, this small and lightweight device won’t take up much space in your bathroom like other cleaning devices. It’s automated as well, so you don’t have to do anything and your bathroom will be clean; it’s set to a preset path and periodically cleans the bathroom throughout the day.

We started this start-up in September 2018. So far we have a solid concept and have done a good amount of related research. We also have done some low-fidelity prototypes with 3D printing and are actively working on the mid-fidelity prototypes. We are also finalizing different components and parts we need for the design.

We would expect to make Hairy-Botter alive by March 2019, so stay tuned. :)


low-fidelity prototype using 3D printing

Pitch video for applying funding

Stage 1 (Oct-Dec)

Design Thinkings

We started with brainstorming potential features of Hairy-Botter by observing the disadvantages of traditional floor cleaning methods. Specifically, we had the following insights: 

1. It is very hard to use a broom because wet hair is often sticky.

         It is better to not use a broom. Instead, use a vacuum with stronger power. 

2. Hair drops and stays on the bathroom floor all the time and it is extremely annoying to constantly clean the hair.

        Create a small automatic device that will go through a preset path every hour and stay at the corner to charge.


3. Vacuums are too big to fit into the bathroom. 

        Decrease in size. 

4. Hair often sticks on the broom when the user wants to get rid of them. 

        Create a function to let it directly disposal of the hair without using hands. 


1. There might be a way to clean the bathroom hair without using hand tools, such as a broom or a vacuum.

2. There might be a way to clean the hair automatically

3. There might be a way to clean the bathroom hair while not touching the hair.

4. There might be a way to clean the bathroom hair once per hour or so, since hair would be dropped at any time. 

5. There might be a cost-effective and time-effective way to clean the bathroom hair.

6. There might be a way to clean the hair on the bathroom floor with no one's presence.

7. There might be a small device to clean the hair on the bathroom floor for people.

8. There might be a small device to clean the hair on the bathroom floor, which can fit in the small area of the bathroom and is pet-friendly


User Testings

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Stage 2 (Jan-Current)

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