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QBO Categorization Experience  

Work Project


Deliver the new transaction categorization feature with the adoption of artificial intelligence for QuickBooks Online, Intuit's high impact product.
Duration: 2020.7 - 2020.8, 2020.10 (2 Months) 
My role: I was the interaction prototyper and design consultant for this projects. Specifically, I created 2 versions of high-fidelity prototypes for 20+ user testing interviews and offer suggestions to the current design.
Technologies: JavaScript, React, Figma, AWS
Impact: The AI powered transaction category experience was launched in late 2020.

Main Goal

In July 2020, designers from the QuickBooks Online team designed a new experience that incorporates artificial intelligence to predict a transaction's category for customers. Therefore, the designer requested me to create a prototype for the unique experience. They wanted to know if the new feature will lead to their expected result.

Version 1

Incorporating real customer data and a prediction engine, the categorization project focuses on understanding if users would pick the category that QBO suggests and understand its result. It includes the following 5 cases.

  1. When a category has not been assigned.

  2. Always have a category, and users can dig deeper.

  3. Users can create a new custom sub-category.

  4. Connect to a QB Live accountant.

  5. See all "browse" categories model.

Users can click "Assign a category" and start typing the categories. They will see predicted options to choose from. They can also choose from the list and make their own categories.

Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 11.23.21 AM.png

Version 2

After I handed off the first version of the prototype, the QBO team designers conducted a full round of user testings. After that, they further modified their designs. This project is the second version of the categorization project. It includes the following updates:

  1. A new experience of the "Create New" feature.

  2. A new "categories" page which collects all transactions.

  3. Updates on the prediction engine.

  4. New table row expansion design.

  5. Other visual improvements.

Users can create a sub-category if they don't find the category that they want. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 11.31.45 AM.png
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