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Calzona Weather 



Visual Design,

Front-end development




3 months


Processing.js, Weather API, Arduino IDE, Wiring, Circuit, Adobe Photoshop, Canvas


Showcased during the final presentation

Won faculty and peer's praise

Main Theme

This is a data visualization project which records the temperature and humidity data at Calzona area and displays it in an animated way. 


1. Need a way to record the temperature and humidity data, since the actual site is too hot to run computers.

2. Be able to allow people without weather backgrounds to understand the variation of weather value changes. 


1. Request Data using's API

2. Create a data visualization project, making the data more readable and direct. The audience can better understand weather variations. 


This is my final project for VIS 149:  Seminar in Contemporary Computer Topics. Led by Professor Brett Stalbaum, we took a trip to Calzona, a land art project for students to add landmarks, way-stations, or artwork that can spotlight the significance of the area, and we stationed our artwork in this area. As a data enthusiast, I utilized this opportunity to be the analyzer of Calzona’s data. Specifically, I created a data visualization project to envision Calzona’s temperature and humidity, which was received well by my peers. 

The “Calzona Weather Visualization V.1.0” consists of various weather data (time, temperature, humidity, sunrise time, sunset time, etc.) from May 29, 2018, to June 4, 2018. Data was gathered through API. Several notes to consider when viewing this project:

Y Position:  Temperature measured every 10 minutes in Celsius degrees.

Radius of the circle: Humidity measured every 10 minutes in percentage.

Sun/Moon animation: The time of sunrise and sunset.

I am currently developing the “Calzona Weather Visualization V 2.0”, so stay tuned for the new version with more surprising features.

Fast-Moving version of Calzona Visualization project, which is more straight-forward. 


1. Learn the convenience of using API as a data source

2. Improve skills in implementing data visualization, which became my future interest 

3. Proficiency in Arduino IDE/Micro-controllers 

4. For each project in the future, always remember to be open-minded and ready to change

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